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The Cut That Suits You

A few snips and snaps along the hair isn’t what haircuts are all about. Every experienced hairstylist can tell you that haircuts are an art and you are the canvas. The shape of your face plays a huge role in deciding which kind of haircut will give you the perfect look.

Let It Flow

Long wavy hair is one of the best hairstyles as it has both volume and movement. An elegant dressing style and perfectly groomed long and wavy hair is what turns heads. As they suit all kinds of face shapes they are a good choice but they require a lot of patience and care. Style your hair the way you want but don’t forget to ask your hairstylist for tips and suggestions on your hairstyle.

Keep It Short


If you have an oval face, a short and stylish haircut would give you a classy look. Side shaves or just equal cuts all around will do the trick. They enhance the shape of the face. The only thing you should take care is to comb the hair backwards as to avoid a roundish effect. On another note, if you prefer keeping long hair, a man-bun would look amazing with a side cuts. Consult your hairstylist to know how exactly the cut would suit you.

Cuts With Buzz And Bangs


If you have a triangle or a diamond shaped face, a buzzcut would work like magic. A buzz cut is basically short hair, clipped to the scalp and is also known as the crew cut or army cut. Cuts like bangs will also give a classy touch to your style. Let the hair sweep towards one side with a deep parting and you are set for an occasion or gathering.

Keep It Messy


If you have a round face, always try to keep the hair short on the sides and a good volume of hair on the top. This gives an illusion of height to your face and adds extra definition to it. A messy v-cut on the top can also do wonders. Always remember to avoid buzzcuts or long hair.

As You Like It


A square face is a delight for a hairstylist so it makes it difficult for any style of haircut to go wrong. So a hairstylist can work on all kinds of tricks and create a masterpiece for you. From bangs to buzzcuts or the classic undercut are some of the highly recommended hairstyles for people with square faces.

In the end, always remember that it is you who decides your own style. Every style needs to be carried off in the right way to create a trend. At A-One we have always believed in creating new style statements all along the way. With A-One, style your hair the way you want and also get all the expert suggestions and tips on how should you take care of your hair.

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